R. Walker
The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego


Contributed parameters for NADH and NAD+ 
prepared for use in AMBER by Ross Walker

The charges were derived from RESP fits to NADH and NAD+ and are suitable
for use with the FF94 and FF99 force fields. The parameters were adapted
for use in AMBER from the CHARMM parameters of Pavelites et al. These
parameters have been tested using a linear response approach to relaxation
dynamics for calculating optical spectra of proteins and have been found
to reproduce the reorganization energy of LADH+NADH to within 13 % of

If you use these parameters please cite the following two papers:

1) Walker, R.C, de Souza, M.M., Mercer, I.P., Gould, I.R., Klug, D.R.,
J. Phys. Chem. B., 2002, 106(44), 11658-11665

2) Pavelites, J.J., Gao, J.L., Bash, P.A., Mackerell, A.D.,
J. Comput. Chem. 1997, 18, 221

The files are as follows:

NADH.lib   leap library file of NADH with RESP calculated charges
           (e.g. load in xleap with: loadoff NADH.lib)
           Unit name is NAD (e.g edit NAD)

NAD+.lib   leap library file of NAD+ with RESP calculated charges.
           Unit name is NDP (e.g edit NDP)

frcmod.NADH Force field parameters for NADH.
            Adapted from the Pavelites et al. paper for Charmm NICH
            parameters converted to AMBER using the NICH parameters
            of Pavelites et al. and the default AMBER parameters for
            the sugar and ribose sections of NADH.

frcmod.NAD+ Force field parameters for NAD+.
            Adapted in same method as above.

Please note additional crd/prm files are bundled with the AMBER8 release.

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